Some things folk have said

“A fine voice, pure and unforced. His fluid style and engaging presence is a winning combination…a compelling demonstration of storytelling’s many faces.” The Times

“a singer with special vocal DNA” Dai Woosnam

“…his live performances are magnetic and involving. Nick’s vocal style is both engaging and fluidly expressive…with the decidedly contemporary combination of delicacy and strength that I associate with the likes of June Tabor.” Traditional Music Maker

“Finely honed and earthy vocals, candid lyricism, and vivid traditional ballads on the third album from the captivating northern storyteller and harpist “ BBC Radio 2

“…a ballad singer, harpist and storyteller of considerable ability.” Dirty Linen

“…a voice of power and simplicity..” New Folk Sounds

“…a haunting voice holding you spellbound..Folk song at its best.” Folk North West

“A bard-like performer who makes you listen.” Folk roots

“a gifted interpreter, a damn good songwriter too, and blessed with the kind of voice that pulls in the ear” Sing Out !

“…a confident performer of strong material…Very interesting! ..See him in action.” Taplas

“…spellbinding…tapping at the ancient roots of Britain .” South Bank, London

“A true disciple of the ballad” Stanley Robertson

“A totally enchanting performer, full of warmth, imagination and skill. It’s wonderful to see a young artist able to move with equal ease from song to story to consummate musicianship. I strongly recommend anyone with a love of traditional culture to see him.” Frankie Armstrong

“He brings that rare combination of artistic adventure and absolute accessibility. He’s a magical performer who inspires his listeners with a sense of recaptured wonder.” The Word, London Literature Festival

“Even the rawest images have a compassion and tenderness that’s Hennessey’s hallmark.” Sing Out !

Fire in the North Sky Images

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